Acts of Worships

Acts of worships

Islam is the only true religion which gives the actual purpose of the existence of humans in this world. Islam gives clear view point about the human existence and the purpose. Muslims are the followers of religion Islam and knows the actual purpose of their lives; Muslims are blessed with the Islam, Muslims got the better understanding and clear conceptions regarding the purpose behind the life of human in this world. ALLAH Almighty blessed Muslims with Holy Quran for the guidance which contains complete information, knowledge and guidelines regarding every aspect of life and it provides solution to every problem and answer to every question, in short it is complete book which is not only answer to religious issues but to every matter of life. Islam provides guidance to all the walks of life.

When a person recites Holy Quran and understands its meaning then he or she becomes able to find answer to the life matters, he will find that how why they are in this world and what is the purpose of his life in the world and what is life hereafter.

The most important thing which should have to be done by every Muslim is to worship Him ALLAH Almighty. It is clear visibly that the purpose of human’s life and jinn and every creature is to worship ALLAH Almighty. When a Muslim strongly belief in Islam and worships ALLAH Almighty, his heart becomes pure from all evils desires and thoughts and a Muslim gets more closer to ALLAH Almighty.

There are different acts of worships which are obligatory and non obligatory, obligatory acts of worship should have to perform by every Muslim.

Worshiping ALLAH Almighty is not just limited to perform daily namaz; but any act of worship performed for ALLAH Almighty is considered as form of veneration. Guidelines and instructions that ALLAH Almighty mentioned in the sacred Book Holy Quran, are just for guidance of humans so that they will follow in their whole life and live life according to the teachings of religion Islam. There are many rewards that one gets by performing acts of worship, the better and dedicatedly these will be performed according to the instructions of religion Islam, the more Muslims will become able to get closer to ALLAH Almighty.

For this reason, in addition to offering namaz daily, Muslims should also observe fast or roza of the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims are also advised to perform non obligatory salah and sawm. In order purify you money and soul, pay charity (zakaat) timely to peoples who are in need, this will purify your wealth and also go on sacred journey to city Makkah for the performance of obligatory and non-obligatory pilgrimages.

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