Life According To Islam

Life According To Islam

We all know that one day we all have to leave this world. In our daily routines we usually say that “I am busy”. our worldly routines have affected our lives so much that we have forgotten the real meanings.Ayat 1

We have mentioned some tips which can help in staying on the track without wasting time:


A Muslim should start everything with Bismillah. This means that you remember Allah all the time in all your doings, no matter what you are doing like: if you are playing with your kids or if you are taking the garbage out or doing any other stuff, you should always start every thing with the name of Allah (SWT).Ayat 2

By remembering God before doing anything kind of makes that task a prayer. So when ever you feel like your task is not for the sake of God then there are two solution to this either adjust your intentions or drop the task.


Muslims pray five times a day and for each prayer there is a specific time so the day is the life of a Muslim starts with fajr , which gives a Muslim head start over others and getting out to the mosque five times a day kind of refreshes the mind and makes us more productive so by the time noon comes around a Muslim already has accomplished all of his tasks.Ayat 3


Sleep is really important it basically freshens our mind and body both. So a short nap between dhur and asr can freshen you, it is also called Qailulah. This little nap clears the stress and prepares the body for the remaining day.

Deleting Distractions:

 In our daily life routines we face a lot of distractions which push us away from our lives. So one should try his best to not only staying away from them but also focus on eliminating them entirely from their lives. Lets suppose you have a game on your phone and you play it a lot , an you also have a this thought in your mind this game is wasting to much of your time so how about completely eliminating it , by doing that you will get a lot of spare time to focus on what really is important.


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Acts of Worships

Acts of worships

Islam is the only true religion which gives the actual purpose of the existence of humans in this world. Islam gives clear view point about the human existence and the purpose. Muslims are the followers of religion Islam and knows the actual purpose of their lives; Muslims are blessed with the Islam, Muslims got the better understanding and clear conceptions regarding the purpose behind the life of human in this world. ALLAH Almighty blessed Muslims with Holy Quran for the guidance which contains complete information, knowledge and guidelines regarding every aspect of life and it provides solution to every problem and answer to every question, in short it is complete book which is not only answer to religious issues but to every matter of life. Islam provides guidance to all the walks of life.

When a person recites Holy Quran and understands its meaning then he or she becomes able to find answer to the life matters, he will find that how why they are in this world and what is the purpose of his life in the world and what is life hereafter.

The most important thing which should have to be done by every Muslim is to worship Him ALLAH Almighty. It is clear visibly that the purpose of human’s life and jinn and every creature is to worship ALLAH Almighty. When a Muslim strongly belief in Islam and worships ALLAH Almighty, his heart becomes pure from all evils desires and thoughts and a Muslim gets more closer to ALLAH Almighty.

There are different acts of worships which are obligatory and non obligatory, obligatory acts of worship should have to perform by every Muslim.

Worshiping ALLAH Almighty is not just limited to perform daily namaz; but any act of worship performed for ALLAH Almighty is considered as form of veneration. Guidelines and instructions that ALLAH Almighty mentioned in the sacred Book Holy Quran, are just for guidance of humans so that they will follow in their whole life and live life according to the teachings of religion Islam. There are many rewards that one gets by performing acts of worship, the better and dedicatedly these will be performed according to the instructions of religion Islam, the more Muslims will become able to get closer to ALLAH Almighty.

For this reason, in addition to offering namaz daily, Muslims should also observe fast or roza of the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims are also advised to perform non obligatory salah and sawm. In order purify you money and soul, pay charity (zakaat) timely to peoples who are in need, this will purify your wealth and also go on sacred journey to city Makkah for the performance of obligatory and non-obligatory pilgrimages.

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Importance of Barakah in Muslim’s Life


Barakah is something that every Muslim needs in his or her life; a person could get Barakah in life in terms of easiness, success or betterment in different life issues and living matters, or could get in term of improvement in prosperity. When a person achieve Barakah in life it does not means that it is a one time achievement but a person can achieve Barakah in many life issues with small and dedicated effort, properly usage of time, sense or resources etc. The interpretation or explanation of this terminology in religion is the actually the achievement of the sacred virtuousness and righteousness and senses that whatever a person has, which can not be examined and not easily observable, but it is the necessary part of the personality of person.

In this present era of selfishness and materialism, every single person is discussing and complaining about Barakah in life. Many people nowadays are complaining about their income, lifestyle, food etc even people are protesting, blaming each other but they can not use their senses to understand that why their income or earnings are less, why it is not sufficient enough to fulfil their and their family needs in halal ways, this is all because of the lack of Barakah in lives. For many of the people, it becomes a condition of stress and anxiety because these are the people who do not get benefits by performing the acts of worshipping ALLAH Almighty, people of today have the shortage of concrete devotion.

Increasing the sins and indulge in wrongdoings and negative activities and getting away from performing acts of worship can also lead a person towards the lack of peace, wealth and spirituality assist in worldly matters and stuff. If a person indulges himself in worldly matters then it will only lead him towards the weakening of making connection with ALLAH Almighty. Muslims can get assistance and guidance by performing namaz and every Muslim must ask forgiveness to ALLAH Almighty. Every Muslim must try to move from the transgression and adopt the true path of virtuousness and righteousness, following the right path according to the teachings of religion Islam is the easiest way of bringing tranquility in life.

Muslims should recite Holy Quran and understand its meanings, because it improves his or her life and increase the productivity in their all walks of lives with peace and tranquility. Holy Quran is the blessed Book of Muslims which contains different Verses and chapters that guide Muslims in every matter and aspect of life. Doing good and kind acts helps in bringing Barakah in Muslim’s life, try to transform your character and personality according to the teachings of religion Islam and bring Barakah in you life.

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Teachings Of Islam


Islam is a true religion and a complete code of life because it teaches a human everything which is necessary to live life on this earth like how should a person behave and act with other, manner of talking, sit and eating etc and Islam teaches to care each other. The actual purpose of Muslim’s life is to do effort for his life after death. A true Muslim is one who always strives hard towards prosperity and success (falah) and follows the teachings of Islam; by practicing teaching of Islam in daily routine a person will be able to get freedom from all kind of worries and worldly troubles.

A Muslim family follows whatever taught by religion Islam like they have their meals together and before start eating all members of family recites Bismillah. Every member recites the Holy Quran and perform all the five times namaz daily at their prescribed times. Islam teaches to respect each other and in Muslim families we can find that the children respect and honour their elders, and listen carefully to their parents and even elder members of family loves their children and younger one’s.

Islam is a religion of peace and this also expect his followers to spread peace in world and be humble and kind to all, not only be good and humble with those who behave good to us, but be good to those too who behave bad and evil to us. Being a Muslim, we must not answer to any by adopting evil deed, but rather try to forgive people and overlook their mistakes and faults.

We should focus always to true Muslim and this can only be done when we follow the teachings of religion Islam because of our good deeds and excellent behaviour and living our lives on this earth according to teachings of Islam we can make our place in jannah in the life hereafter. ALLAH Almighty always protects Muslims from the evil plans and traps of those people who desire to harm Muslims through any mean.

We should work and live in a surrounding which follows Islam and we must be surrounded by pious, virtuous, compassionate, kind, righteous, well, wise, Islamic scholars, knowledgeable people as surrounding creates greatly in making person’s personality.

Not even with human beings but should have to b kind and humble with animals, when we slaughter any animal, we do that in the most sympathetic and compassionate way by minimizing the panic and pain of animal. The closer we will be able to attain the level of kindness and excellence in our ibadah, the more we will get closer to ALLAH Almighty. For being true Muslim it is necessary to follow the teachings of religion Islam in every aspect of our life. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of December Umrah Packages from UK.

Ka’ba The sacred House of ALLAH

Holy Kaabah

The Ka’ba Holy place in the Grand Mosque of Mecca is, for Islam, the most mausoleum place on earth, and making the pilgrimage there at least once in one’s life is one of the main obligations of faithful Moslems. In the center of this city there is a small square building made of stones, about 60 feet long, 60 feet wide and 60 feet high. Since time age-old this town and this stone built house has been known to world travelers. This is Baitullah, the House of Allah. Its purity and relic is older than history itself.

The Kaaba that we see today is not exactly the same Kaaba that was designed and constructed by Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail From time to time; it has needed to build up after natural and man-made catastrophe. Qur’an brought this story into the full light of history. In Surah 3:90 Qur’an says

“Allah has spoken the Truth; therefore follow the creed of Ibrahim, a man of pure faith and no idolater”.

The first man was Muhammad, at that time known as al Amin (the trustworthy one).  He advised that they carry the black stone to its place in a mantle, each tribe holding an edge so that the cachet was distributed equally. When Muhammad received his epiphany from God, the Kaaba was under the control of one of the most important tribes of Mecca, the Quraysh.

The central event of the hajj is a visit to the Kaaba. Muslims walks counterclockwise around the Kaaba seven times (tawaf). This liturgy is supposed to represent the angels walking around the sovereignty of God and allows Muslims to symbolically enter the presence of God. For something so holy and model of Islam, the hajj is often blight by great suffering as large numbers of people are encroach under the feet of ardent congregation.

Over the traditions of Prophet Muhammad we learn that his beloved and admired wife AYESHA asked about the wall and the door. She says, “I asked the Messenger of God about the wall and whether it was part of the House [the Ka’ba]. He said, ‘Yes.’ I asked, ‘So why it is not integrated into the House?’ He said, ‘Your people ran out of money.’  I asked, ‘What about the door? Why is it high up?’ He said, ‘Your people did that so they could let in whomever they wanted and keep out whomever they wanted. If it were not for the fact that your people are still new [in Islam] and too close to their time of ignorance, I would incorporate the wall into the House and bring the door down to ground level.

The Kaaba is one of the most esteemed places for Muslims. That is why they always give it a special care especially as far as cleaning it. The Kaaba, covered in the best of silk apparel and embellished with a door of gold, is a piece of art. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Ramadan 2017 Umrah Packages from UK.



The condition of being well regarded or honoured esteemed.  This is the most general and commonly understood definition of term respect.  In fact, the thesaurus describes respect as a courteous and polite regard for peoples feelings and respect, honour, kindness, obedience and tolerance. In religion Islam there is great role of respect. Islam states that it is the duty or responsibility of each and every individual in society to treat all human beings with respect, dignity and honour.

Respect begins with obeying the commandments of ALLAH Almighty and from this respect go to the high standards of morality that are very important in religion Islam. To be one of those people who are successful and got achievements, religion Islam requires that every individual must learn to obey ALLAH Almighty and also treat humankind, animals, our environment, the fellow Muslim with respect. Bearing this in mind that the all Muslims are one unite nation, and if any single part of the nation is in peril or in any kind of danger so too are all its parts, giving respect to each other is very essential. Religion Islam teaches us that we are held answerable and accountable not only for our actions and thoughts but for the influence, we have made over others.

Religion Islam asks us to enjoin the good and better and forbid the bad and evil. Islam binds respect to love, peace and compassion, therefore to fulfil our obligation and responsibilities we should obey ALLAH Almighty and a person must respect the reputation, honour, and privacy of others too. Term respect includes staying completely away from involving in major and minor sins like backbiting, lying, cheating, fraud slander, and unnecessary gossip.

Respect for humanity is staying away from sins and things that will create discord among the people especially among Muslims and lead towards destruction.  Respect involves loving for our brothers and sisters whatever we love for ourselves. Respect also includes treating other peoples the way we expect them to treat us and the way we hope ALLAH Almighty will treat us with love, compassion and mercy.

Major sins create barrier between humanity and cause all the misery, conflicts torment, and evil activities in this world. ALLAH Almighty commands us to stay away from all kind of sin. Evil and bad activities like backbiting and cheating, gossip as these things bring about nothing but disgrace and shame. In present time Backbiting has become so widespread that each and every person uses it as a way of expressing jealousy and anger.  Those who engage in these kinds of false activities are harming others and disobeying ALLAH Almighty. The sin is grave and for this punishment is severe, but ALLAH Almighty is Merciful and always accepts sincere repentance. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Umrah Packages 2017 from UK.