Hajj 2018 And Some Other Information:

Hajj 2018 And Some Other Information

Governor of Makkah and chairman of Makkah of improvement Authority have adopted the operational plan for this year Hajj 2018.

The plan pursuits to growth performance of initiatives overseen by using the authority on the holy locations and sites, specifically the way by railway to holy cities, the facility for Jamarat, working and maintaining toilets on the holy sites, tracking the performance of Hajj offerings 2018, and establishing a database for Hajj.

Jalal bin Abdul Jalil Kaaki, stated that the plan become advanced under the supervision of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal and observed up by using deputy governor of Makkah. It’s in keeping with the new projects implemented by the authority on the holy sites in 2018, in addition to present tasks. The authority will oversee operation of those tasks to ensure pilgrims receive the best offerings.

Plan relies on continuous and consistent coordination with all relevant government officials, specifically those inside the safety areas and sectors. The secretary-trendy of the authority, is making sure all applicable government work attentively and collectively to ensure the plan’s fulfilment.

He said the authority has deployed all its technical and administrative cadres, including as much as greater than 14,000 employees along side four hundred mechanisms to put in force the perfect operational plan. The authority set distinctive and affective mechanisms to be carried out within the field, and made positive all initiatives are absolutely geared up to serve pilgrims.

This operational plan consists of supervising all important tasks for pilgrims at the holy sites, such as educate that is anticipated to transport more than 350,000 pilgrims from Mina to Arafat and then back. This is set to move a complete of around two million pilgrims at some stage in the Hajj days.

He stated further that the plan for the Al-Jamarat facility specializes in its readiness for obtaining pilgrims to carry out the ritual of “Rami-al-Jamarat,” because of this stoning the devil, in addition to operations-associated and maintenance tasks. The plan additionally specializes in finishing the vital necessities to offer 36,000 lavatories to be used all through Hajj 2018.

Pilgrims in Madina:

In Madina, pilgrims are being furnished with all the facilities they want for their comfort, ease and care, Many pilgrims take the risk to mosques and archaeological sites related to the Islamic importance and traditions, spending some nights in Madina to be able to pray inside the Prophet’s Mosque before leaving for city Makkah and starting their pilgrimage Hajj.

Madinah is consists of many mosques visited with the aid of pilgrims, such as Masjid Quba etc.

Pilgrims additionally go to Al-Jummah Mosque near Masjid Quba to pray. Madina is home to many historical locations and sites visited by using pilgrims and visitors during the pre-Hajj season, pilgrims also visit Mount Uhud, the well-known site associated with the various Prophet’s hadiths.

Hajj the obligatory fifth pillar of religion Islam and in order to perform Hajj, Muslims have to undertake the sacred journey to most sacred city in the whole world Makkah.  Performing Hajj is an obligation on every able Muslim to perform at least once in a life. Every adult, sane and able Muslims female or male should do effort to fulfil this religious obligation at least once in whole life span. To fulfil the dreams of performing Hajj pilgrimage we are offering great deals, now you can avail our All-inclusive Hajj Packages in most affordable rates.


Saudi Hajj Ministry Effort of Making New Web Link for Qatari Pilgrims

Saudi Hajj Ministry Effort of Making New Web Link for Qatari Pilgrims

Saudi Hajj Ministry provides new website link for all Qatari pilgrims after Doha blocking; this is done in order to provide facility. The brand new link became made to be had as a part of King Salman’s efforts for facilitating the arrival of all pilgrims. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said it welcomes the arrival of Qatari pilgrims 2018 no matter the on-going Gulf dispute.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has allocated a new website link for receiving the requests of Qataris pilgrims who are willing to carry out Hajj after the Qatari government blocked the previous one. The new site link turned into made available as a part of King Salman’s efforts to facilitate all the pilgrims and ensure that any obstacles that they may face are conquering. The ministry said that it welcomes the arrival of Qatari pilgrims in 2018 regardless of the continued Gulf dispute. The arrival and departure of Qatari pilgrims will take place via King Abdul Aziz international Airport located in Jeddah and through any airways besides Qatar airlines. Egypt, Saudi, Bahrain and the UAE together known as the Anti-Terror Quartet imposed a boycott on Qatar in June 2017 over Doha’s alleged ties with terror organizations.

Fitness Care Services

The Ministry of fitness has intensified its preparations to assure proper health care services for pilgrims for 2018. To equip its centers to make certain readiness to provide effective fitness care offerings to pilgrims in the course of the Hajj season from their arrival by air, sea and land to their secure go back to their homelands, the ministry on Thursday announced the of entirety of 12 health manage centers at those get entry to points. “Those centers are properly ready with modern time advance clinical centers with greater than 1,750 clinical groups of workers and 19 clinics which are offering the great services to the pilgrims spherical the clock,” it said.

The ministry follows up trends and modifications within the international fitness situations and scenario in coordination with the arena health employer and other international health establishments together with the international facilities for ailment manipulate. These facilities will provide emergency and ambulatory clinical services to pilgrims and referral offerings for sufferers to professional hospitals the usage of properly and well equipped ready ambulances. The ministry turns on subject medicinal drug and emergency care at some point of the Hajj by gearing up a fleet of one hundred small ambulances running as cell extensive care units to deal with emergencies, as well as providing 80 exceptionally prepared large ambulances. Around 29,000 fitness practitioners, together work with clinical, technical and administrative organizations, are commissioned underneath the professional group of workers software.

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Life According To Islam

Life According To Islam

We all know that one day we all have to leave this world. In our daily routines we usually say that “I am busy”. our worldly routines have affected our lives so much that we have forgotten the real meanings.Ayat 1

We have mentioned some tips which can help in staying on the track without wasting time:


A Muslim should start everything with Bismillah. This means that you remember Allah all the time in all your doings, no matter what you are doing like: if you are playing with your kids or if you are taking the garbage out or doing any other stuff, you should always start every thing with the name of Allah (SWT).Ayat 2

By remembering God before doing anything kind of makes that task a prayer. So when ever you feel like your task is not for the sake of God then there are two solution to this either adjust your intentions or drop the task.


Muslims pray five times a day and for each prayer there is a specific time so the day is the life of a Muslim starts with fajr , which gives a Muslim head start over others and getting out to the mosque five times a day kind of refreshes the mind and makes us more productive so by the time noon comes around a Muslim already has accomplished all of his tasks.Ayat 3


Sleep is really important it basically freshens our mind and body both. So a short nap between dhur and asr can freshen you, it is also called Qailulah. This little nap clears the stress and prepares the body for the remaining day.

Deleting Distractions:

 In our daily life routines we face a lot of distractions which push us away from our lives. So one should try his best to not only staying away from them but also focus on eliminating them entirely from their lives. Lets suppose you have a game on your phone and you play it a lot , an you also have a this thought in your mind this game is wasting to much of your time so how about completely eliminating it , by doing that you will get a lot of spare time to focus on what really is important.


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Acts of Worships

Acts of worships

Islam is the only true religion which gives the actual purpose of the existence of humans in this world. Islam gives clear view point about the human existence and the purpose. Muslims are the followers of religion Islam and knows the actual purpose of their lives; Muslims are blessed with the Islam, Muslims got the better understanding and clear conceptions regarding the purpose behind the life of human in this world. ALLAH Almighty blessed Muslims with Holy Quran for the guidance which contains complete information, knowledge and guidelines regarding every aspect of life and it provides solution to every problem and answer to every question, in short it is complete book which is not only answer to religious issues but to every matter of life. Islam provides guidance to all the walks of life.

When a person recites Holy Quran and understands its meaning then he or she becomes able to find answer to the life matters, he will find that how why they are in this world and what is the purpose of his life in the world and what is life hereafter.

The most important thing which should have to be done by every Muslim is to worship Him ALLAH Almighty. It is clear visibly that the purpose of human’s life and jinn and every creature is to worship ALLAH Almighty. When a Muslim strongly belief in Islam and worships ALLAH Almighty, his heart becomes pure from all evils desires and thoughts and a Muslim gets more closer to ALLAH Almighty.

There are different acts of worships which are obligatory and non obligatory, obligatory acts of worship should have to perform by every Muslim.

Worshiping ALLAH Almighty is not just limited to perform daily namaz; but any act of worship performed for ALLAH Almighty is considered as form of veneration. Guidelines and instructions that ALLAH Almighty mentioned in the sacred Book Holy Quran, are just for guidance of humans so that they will follow in their whole life and live life according to the teachings of religion Islam. There are many rewards that one gets by performing acts of worship, the better and dedicatedly these will be performed according to the instructions of religion Islam, the more Muslims will become able to get closer to ALLAH Almighty.

For this reason, in addition to offering namaz daily, Muslims should also observe fast or roza of the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims are also advised to perform non obligatory salah and sawm. In order purify you money and soul, pay charity (zakaat) timely to peoples who are in need, this will purify your wealth and also go on sacred journey to city Makkah for the performance of obligatory and non-obligatory pilgrimages.

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Teachings Of Islam


Islam is a true religion and a complete code of life because it teaches a human everything which is necessary to live life on this earth like how should a person behave and act with other, manner of talking, sit and eating etc and Islam teaches to care each other. The actual purpose of Muslim’s life is to do effort for his life after death. A true Muslim is one who always strives hard towards prosperity and success (falah) and follows the teachings of Islam; by practicing teaching of Islam in daily routine a person will be able to get freedom from all kind of worries and worldly troubles.

A Muslim family follows whatever taught by religion Islam like they have their meals together and before start eating all members of family recites Bismillah. Every member recites the Holy Quran and perform all the five times namaz daily at their prescribed times. Islam teaches to respect each other and in Muslim families we can find that the children respect and honour their elders, and listen carefully to their parents and even elder members of family loves their children and younger one’s.

Islam is a religion of peace and this also expect his followers to spread peace in world and be humble and kind to all, not only be good and humble with those who behave good to us, but be good to those too who behave bad and evil to us. Being a Muslim, we must not answer to any by adopting evil deed, but rather try to forgive people and overlook their mistakes and faults.

We should focus always to true Muslim and this can only be done when we follow the teachings of religion Islam because of our good deeds and excellent behaviour and living our lives on this earth according to teachings of Islam we can make our place in jannah in the life hereafter. ALLAH Almighty always protects Muslims from the evil plans and traps of those people who desire to harm Muslims through any mean.

We should work and live in a surrounding which follows Islam and we must be surrounded by pious, virtuous, compassionate, kind, righteous, well, wise, Islamic scholars, knowledgeable people as surrounding creates greatly in making person’s personality.

Not even with human beings but should have to b kind and humble with animals, when we slaughter any animal, we do that in the most sympathetic and compassionate way by minimizing the panic and pain of animal. The closer we will be able to attain the level of kindness and excellence in our ibadah, the more we will get closer to ALLAH Almighty. For being true Muslim it is necessary to follow the teachings of religion Islam in every aspect of our life.

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