Importance of Barakah in Muslim’s Life


Barakah is something that every Muslim needs in his or her life; a person could get Barakah in life in terms of easiness, success or betterment in different life issues and living matters, or could get in term of improvement in prosperity. When a person achieve Barakah in life it does not means that it is a one time achievement but a person can achieve Barakah in many life issues with small and dedicated effort, properly usage of time, sense or resources etc. The interpretation or explanation of this terminology in religion is the actually the achievement of the sacred virtuousness and righteousness and senses that whatever a person has, which can not be examined and not easily observable, but it is the necessary part of the personality of person.

In this present era of selfishness and materialism, every single person is discussing and complaining about Barakah in life. Many people nowadays are complaining about their income, lifestyle, food etc even people are protesting, blaming each other but they can not use their senses to understand that why their income or earnings are less, why it is not sufficient enough to fulfil their and their family needs in halal ways, this is all because of the lack of Barakah in lives. For many of the people, it becomes a condition of stress and anxiety because these are the people who do not get benefits by performing the acts of worshipping ALLAH Almighty, people of today have the shortage of concrete devotion.

Increasing the sins and indulge in wrongdoings and negative activities and getting away from performing acts of worship can also lead a person towards the lack of peace, wealth and spirituality assist in worldly matters and stuff. If a person indulges himself in worldly matters then it will only lead him towards the weakening of making connection with ALLAH Almighty. Muslims can get assistance and guidance by performing namaz and every Muslim must ask forgiveness to ALLAH Almighty. Every Muslim must try to move from the transgression and adopt the true path of virtuousness and righteousness, following the right path according to the teachings of religion Islam is the easiest way of bringing tranquility in life.

Muslims should recite Holy Quran and understand its meanings, because it improves his or her life and increase the productivity in their all walks of lives with peace and tranquility. Holy Quran is the blessed Book of Muslims which contains different Verses and chapters that guide Muslims in every matter and aspect of life. Doing good and kind acts helps in bringing Barakah in Muslim’s life, try to transform your character and personality according to the teachings of religion Islam and bring Barakah in you life.

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Umrah Should Be According To Sunnah

umrahSunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) has a lot of importance in the lives of Muslims because they have to follow the Sunnah of last prophet in every walk of their life. We cannot worship Allah (SWT) in our own way because that will not be accepted. Worship of Allah (SWT) should be according to the Sunnah of last prophet because it is the condition for the acceptance of worship. Recently I was in Makkah for the purpose of Umrah and I saw that some people are not very much conscious about the Sunnah of last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) because they were saying that every good act is acceptable and the way of doing that act does not matter. I was shocked after hearing this because anything that is against the Sunnah cannot be accepted and so the way of doing the Umrah should be according to Sunnah. I tried to convince those people that their views about the acceptance of Umrah are not correct and they should follow the Sunnah in any case.

My tone was not harsh and I was trying to convince them politely but it was a difficult task for me because they were not ready for listen to me. If Allah (SWT) blessed us to visit His house then it is vital to do all acts according to the Sunnah but unfortunately we are not very much conscious about this fact. I asked a scholar to help me for convincing those people and he agreed happily.

He said that it is our duty to show others a right path. We both shared many Ahadees with them and told them the importance of Sunnah and due to the blessing of Allah Almighty we got success in this matter. I am sharing this experience because I want to highlight the importance of Sunnah in our lives. You cannot perform Umrah  according to your own way because our way is not acceptable and cannot please Allah (SWT). Following the way of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the key of success.

I have some suggestions for people who want to go to the house of Allah (SWT) and the suggestions are:

Do not go to this beautiful journey without any knowledge regarding Umrah.

Find some authentic Ahadess related to Umrah and read them before going.

You do not have to follow your elders instead you have to follow the Sunnah.

Find some help from any scholar and try to figure out the authentic things from Quran.

Try to read the procedure of performing Umrah from an authentic book.

You are going to the house of Allah and your purpose is to please Allah Almighty but if you try to fulfill your purpose without following the Sunnah then your journey will go in vain. So try to make your journey successful by performing Umrah according to Sunnah and the most vital thing is finding the authentic logics of everything from Quran and Hadees because most of us do not make such efforts and that is not good for us.